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Unmistakable · adjective · not able to be mistaken for anything else

Not everything is invented. We wanted to do something singular: different sneakers, and we’ve got it! HOFF has become a very special thing for thousand of women.

We’re unique due to our soles, in each collection we explore magic places: cities, streets and avenues, islands and now ski resorts. We’re unique due to our colors. Color harmony is achieved using colors that they are all somehow related.

We’re unique due to our collections. We produce in each collection a limited number of pairs to maintain the exclusivity.


During the manufacturing process of sneakers each sole is manually made. Images are transferred to soles thorough a serigraphy process.rnSerigraphy, also known as silk screening, screen printing or serigraph printing, is a stencil-based printing process in which ink is forced through a fine screen onto the paper beneath.

The screen is stretched over a wood or aluminum frame, then areas of the screen are blocked off with a stencil (a negative of the image). The screen is then placed on top of paper, and ink is placed on the screen. A rubber-bladed squeegee is used to spread the ink evenly across the screen, allowing ink to pass through the open spaces onto the paper below.rnA different screen is used for each colour in the print, resulting in a final serigraph with great colour density, colour saturation and texture.



Challenges, triumphs, love, friendship… Life inspire us!


We deploy the talent to achieve dreams and overcome challenges.


Elegance is innate. It has nothing to do with being well dressed.


We say no to conventionalism! The special things are all around.

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